Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Let's talk about motivation

If you're a student then you will probably have examinations coming up this summer (WHY SUMMER? WHY?) and I feel it's important to mention motivation as it can disappear around this time of year. Personally, I seriously suffer with lack of motivation pretty much all year and I find it so, so incredibly difficult to try and motivate myself in order to get even the smallest things done. If I'm being completely honest, I am dreading these examinations as I have zero motivation to even start revising. Not only will this article (hopefully) help you but I hope that it will help me, too. 

 Now, the one thing that always leaves me feeling super motivated is good old exercise. I mean, yeah pushing yourself to the gym or putting on your running shoes and going outdoors can seem like a bore but once you're out there you really do feel energised and much more motivated. Not only that, but it reduces stress levels, clears your mind and releases endorphins (you know the saying exercise 'high' feeling). 

The one thing I'm starting to try and overcome is getting over my comfort zone. The greatest barrier to achieving your potential is your comfort zone. Breaking through it may lead on to great things which I need to remind myself. 

Never be afraid to make mistakes. I'm more of a procrastination but get it done super perfect kind of person. You always learn from your mistakes and then wisdom helps you avoid making the same mistake. Progress, not perfection. 

Inspire yourself. Spend a day for yourself. Read books, or listen to music, go for a long walk (exercise!!!) and make lists on what you need to do and rewards at the end. It gives you something to look forward to thus motivation yourself more.

Accept that studying is boring, or house chores are boring. You will always go through some things in life where they are below your intellect. You just have to push past it. Clean house, clean mind?

Always be on top of your sleep. Personally, I do not have a great sleeping pattern. I either sleep too little or too much which without a doubt leaves me feeling groggy, tired and most of all, incredibly unmotivated which is a frustrating cycle. Make sure you have at-least 7 hours sleep daily and if you want to nap don't nap for hours, it will make you feel worse!!!!

Healthy diet. Personally, eating healthy makes me feel happy and not so sluggish and heavy thus, making me feel more energised to do more things and want to do them.

Ask for positive feedback. It will give you a boost having positive feedback of someone, don't be shy to ask for it!

Clean your work space. A clean work space equals a clear mind. Obviously it's very hard to concentrate with clutter around you and too many distractions.

Remember that when you are done, you are done!!!! 30 minutes of revision and then you can reward yourself with some television or hanging out with friends. It's only thirty minutes out of your day. 


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Introducing.. folk clothing*

So, what is Folk Clothing?
'Folk is a London based contemporary casualwear label with five of its own stores. Understated quality and considered detailing is at the core of the brand as we continually strive to make innovative but everyday clothing. Established in 2001 the brand was initially only mens clothing. Footwear for men and women was added in 2004 and a womenswear range was introduced for Autumn Winter 2012.'

What are my first impressions?
Love the layout of the website, instantly drew me into it. Very professional looking and of course I went straight to the Women's wear to have a gander. First glance, it's definitely my style. Lots of soft pastel wears for this season and lovely jumpers including this

It seriously has me written all over it. Perfect for those cold summer nights. It's 100% cotton so I'm guessing the quality they have mentioned has lived up to it's name with this piece. A little out of my price range (£145) but I guess if I wanted a seriously good quality jumper I would definitely splurge on this.
Another thing that caught my eye are these little beauties

I mean seriously they are PERFECT. A little bit of a heel on them which again, is definitely my type of shoe. Again, a bit out of my price range being £245 but no doubt they look excellent quality so again, if I had the money I definitely would consider purchasing these.

View more lovely items here; http://www.folkclothing.com/women/

I then decided to have a gander at the mens wear because looking at the initial style of clothing, I thought my brother would definitely love to have a browse too.

I love, love, love the jacket. It's reduced price too which is a possible bonus?! I adore the shoes, the trousers and the top as they just mix so well and is absolute perfect for a night out in town or for a meal with friends and what not. Seriously check out the rest of what they have to offer (if you're a male reader or someone wanting to buy a present for a male!!!)

All in all, I am really loving Folk clothing.They provide clothing just of my taste and it all round looks like excellent quality providing excellent service. They also have stores dotted around, maybe by you! (check here; http://www.folkclothing.com/folk-stores/)

They also have a blog with updates on their clothing and online store info. Their most recent blog post features their new advert to promote their clothing, which you can view here; http://www.folkclothing.com/blog/in-the-press/4250/.

Monday, 22 April 2013


Greetings all! It's been a fair while wouldn't you say? I can't stress enough on how much school and my part time job has taken over my life at the moment. But I've got some free time so I thought I'd slowly make my way back into the blogging world and varying my posts and writing more articles, taking more photos (promise!) and sharing my day-to-day antics. Obviously, I have summer exams coming so I may be on/off these next couple of weeks but I am not so much on Tumblr any-more so I can focus more on this.

Pay-day is due this week and I can't WAIT to get some new things. I am meant to be saving, but my good god it's impossible. I HAVE to start though so may make a savings account. Anyway, throughout the week I have gathered clothes I need (uh, want) but not just random things, but things I would actually like etc. I'm also getting my gym membership renewed which I'm super excited about :)

(l-r) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Is it a little obvious what I'm lusting over this season? Perhaps a little. This season is just flowers and floaty tops. It's obviously still a little cold to go full out summer clothing but a pair of black tights with the flower skirt (from Fashion Union) with the Dorothy Perkins cami with a simple pair of dolly shoes go so nice together. I am in love with the cami, it's so elegant and so light and I just have to get it. Along with the River Island one, I am loving the yellow although I fear it may be out of my size. As for the trousers which I have been lusting over for AGES--you can't go wrong for £15 from H&M. I mean seriously?! They're perfect with a plain vest top or even the Dorothy Perkins cami for a night out in town. Moving onto the Topshop cut out boots for £70. That is a great amount but I have been wanting a pair for so long. They're gorgeous aswell. I may either splurge on these or try and find similar ones for a low price, but I don't know where I'm going to find some as nice as these so suggestions would be lovely! The Nars foundation is a whopping £30.50, if purchased it would be the most I have paid for a make-up product (most I have spent on a single piece of make-up was the Clinique foundation for I think £25 which may I add, was amazing) but I have heard so many great reviews on this that it's hard to ignore.

That sums my post up for today. I've been in work pretty much all evening and I'm all drained out now. A cup of tea is definitely on the cards whilst I sort my weekly diary out (which I'll post pictures of) and watch some television.

Again, apologies for the lack of posting. I'm sure you can empathise with me (pretty please!).

Hope you all have had a nice Monday and I hope you all have a great week.
Lot's of love,
Abigail XOXO

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Purchases of the day

So, I went to Cardiff shopping today because I haven't checked out the sales yet and I was literally getting withdrawal symptoms so I just HAD to. I wasn't disappointed with the sales nor was I satisfied. I managed to grab a few things though;

These were in sale in Topshop for £3.50! I love them. They are really petite and delicate and literally go with everything!

I don't really like much of Primark's clothes recently, well, whenever I go I never find anything I like. But I spotted these and just had to get them. Well done Primark!

My lovely, lovely diary from Paperchase. Now my 2013 can finally start!!

Really, really loved the Jack Wills sale this year, everything was reduced loads so decided to get these two t-shirts and the total came to £25! When they each were originally £35. Bargain I say!

I did also get Topshop jeans (which are so, so comfy and nice) but in the store I was silly enough not to look at the length of the leg just the waist. So the waist fits fine, but the leg is too short. So I have to take them back. JOY.

I also stripped my hair today in order to go lighter and then got red hair dye. So one I lightened my hair (which went kind of a nice ginger-y) I put the red hair dye on and now my hair is back dark again. I think my hair is destined to be dark boo :-(
Back to work tomorrow, then back to school for exams, exams, exams! I hope 2013 is good to me.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

So, as this year draws to a close, it's time to some what make resolutions to (hopefully) follow for the new year. Now, I'm sure I have heard somewhere that only 8% of people that make new years resolutions stick to them, and the rest (including me in 2012) fizzle out. I made a bunch last year, and I wasn't organised, and it's safe to say--I didn't follow any. So one of my New Years resolutions is to be part of that 8%!

Along with that;

1. Eat clean; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.
I hardly ever eat breakfast and usually end up over indulging because of my lack of energy. So this needs to definitely change.
2. Drink enough water!
Which means cutting out Diet Coke--I'm seriously addicted and it just needs to GO.
3. Gym/run/cardio as much as possible. Add strength training too (for atleast 30 minutes).
I can't wait to get back into long distance running, especially with my new Nike Free Runs!
4. Be happy!
5. More sleep (atleast 7-8 hours)
I have trouble with my sleeping pattern for so long and it makes me incredibly unmotivated and lazy. It deprives me of any motivation to get things done and generally makes me miserable.
6. Wake up early, go to bed early.
7. Do all homework, attend school more.
8. Keep room tidy, tidy room = tidy mind.
9. Don't leave things until the last minute. Ever. Again.
10. Save money (argh I NEED TO).
11. "Identify the frog. Eat it"--means don't procrastinate. Identify what I need to do (identify the frog) and then do it!!! (eat it)
12. Stick to my journal!!!
13. No crappy foods, learn to be patient, no junk food snacking all the time and kick out carbs at night.
15. Blog more on here, take some more photos, go for walks more etc. (Things I enjoy doing, bring it back in again).
16. Generally keep a positive mind and attitude towards my life.

I really want to stick to these because I feel that I need change. I know you really should start now, but I like the whole idea of the new year ahead of me, starting completely fresh and what not.

2012 has it's ups and downs but I came out alive in the end and that's what matters. I look forward to 2013 as it's going to be a big year for me (hopefully!!).
If any of you had made new years resolutions, what are they?

Hope you all have a healthy and happy new year XOXO

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Despite working long hours and the Christmas feeling deteriorating  as I woke up on Christmas morning I felt like a little child again! Having a lovely, relaxing day so far and even-though I'm working at half past am on boxing day, I'm not letting it get me down one bit. Can't wait for my Christmas dinner aaaaah!
Had lot's of lovely things, here's some of the things.. (which I took with my new Nikon camera lens, so expect more updates yay!)

I've always been interested in things like this, so this should be a really good read!

I didn't get this for Christmas, but for my birthday which is near enough to Christmas and never really showed it to you all. It's my baby.

I love things like this, the pictures always fascinate me so much!!

Treating myself!

My brother is amazing, best running shoes ever oh my GOD. So excited to try them out seriously asfghkl. My parents bought me running trousers too, so perfect combination~

Love, love, LOVE getting new hair products :-)

One of the many pairs I received, yay!

Again, my brother is amazing. Knows me too well. The Office t-shirt, so perfect.

I also had a TV, FINALLY. I always want to relax after work and watch TV but all my old ones have been crappy ones with no channels. Now I have a 32 inch TV and it's beautiful.
Can't wait to wear all my pyjamas that I had too, you can never have too many pyjamas!

Going to relax all day now, before I'm back in work once again. Oh well, hope you all have a lovely, lovely Christmas!!!!!!!! :)

Oh and who's excited for the New Years shopping spree?!?!!? BECAUSE I SO AM.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Gah, December is such a busy month regarding work and school. I haven't had time to myself recently.

I haven't really gotten up to much (except work blargh). But I did visit LONDON on Friday. I went to the war museum and then went shopping on Oxford street. It is lovely there, but it's soo busy. I could never live there :c The shops are brilliant though. I didn't buy much though just because of how busy it was and how expensive it is! But I enjoyed nonetheless and London's Christmas lights are SO pretty.

(I LOVE this Pull & Bear jumper, by far the comfiest piece of clothing I own. Favourite store at the moment).

So yeah, as you can tell, London is v. pretty. The other things I purchased were a jumper for my brothers girlfriend (from Forever 21) and plain black leggings for myself. Nothing great! Went in Selfridge's and there was a watch for £9,000..shocking! Although, I wouldn't mind a Michael Kors watch (please?)

As it's December (one of my favourite times of the year---not money wise). I LOVE putting the Christmas decs up. My Christmas tree is wonderful!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

Lot's of love,
Abigail XO